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  1. Hi Nicki, this is a nice post – the animals look adorable. I want a pet Puku!
    Come to India while we’re here (a few more months) – many animals here on the road – cows, monkeys, dogs, etc.
    The natural pool looks amazing.

    1. Thanks! Zambia was amazing. I want to go back and see more of the country now. I feel like I only got to see a couple of places but I crossed almost the entire country! I loved the animals I got to see along the way, and the Devil’s Pool is something you can’t pass up if you are there, it really is at the top of the list for the highlights of my Africa trip.
      I’d love to come to India to see wildlife. I have a photographer that comes into my work that regularly goes to India to shoot wildlife, he has some great pictures of tigers. Makes we wanna go even more!

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